Babymoon at Falcon Trails Resort

Falcon Trails Resort, Manitoba

Those of you that follow along on Instagram will know that we welcomed baby Axel Jóhann into our lives this January. While I have yet to publicly share any early thoughts on parenthood, so far my conclusion is this — pretty much everything they say about having a baby is true. The ups, the downs, the lack of sleep and, well, the love. Oh, the love.

As those first days and weeks went by in a hazy blur, before we knew it, we had carved out a new life with a baby. While still riding that newborn baby high, we fell into a new rhythm and were energized and excited for life. We felt like we could take on the world. 

Waiting for baby (especially one that arrived 15 days past his due date) also meant that it had been some time since we last had a chance to spend time out of the city. Spring was coming and I wanted to be outside again, smell the fresh air, and walk through a forest. Enter: the #babymoon.

Now, the term ‘babymoon’ can mean different things to different people. For some, a babymoon is something of a ‘last hurrah’ for the parents before a first baby arrives — a welcome excuse to take an elaborate or exotic holiday. But for most, a those blissful, once-in-a-lifetime days immediately after baby is born — the resting, the cuddling, the bonding — is the true babymoon. 

For us, we craved a little getaway where we could maintain new family privacy, but still have the opportunity to do some exploring and breathe fresh some air. At any rate, this slightly silly name for a mini vacation was just what we felt like we needed. From there, we connected with our pals at Falcon Trails Resort, and that's where the real magic started. 

Falcon Trails is a family-run resort nestled in the woods of Whiteshell Provincial Park, though “resort” may be something of a misnomer. Falcon Trails is a charming collection of lakefront cottages, but it's also a truly special place for those looking to create unforgettable experiences in the wilderness. Those that stay can hike, canoe, fish, ski, explore — or just simply sit back, relax and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of nature. The laid-back lake vibes are by design.

As such, Falcon Trails was the perfect backdrop for our family's first holiday. Here were the three key ingredients for our #babymoon stay at Falcon Trails Resort. 

1. Privacy
As a new family, the sense of privacy was key. We wanted to have the feeling of it just being us and soak up all those cozy vibes. Having our own private cottage meant that it quickly felt like home. Plus, planning our stay mid-week, and in the early spring, meant that we had the place nearly to ourselves, which was a huge bonus. 

2. Convenience
We wanted to get out of the house to relax, unwind and just be. Each of the cabins are beautifully crafted, complete with wood burning stove, crisp sheets, and a full kitchen. This meant that we were able to cook our own meals and plan the days at our own pace — because going out to eat at a restaurant with a baby three times each day is not what I would call relaxing.

3. Nature
Last but not least! Getting a chance to disconnect was really what it was all about. We explored the beautiful trails, enjoyed some time lakeside and slipped into the forest-surrounded hot tub every chance we could. We went to sleep to the calls of loons and woke up at the lake.

Honestly, it was perfect. It was restorative, relaxing and effortless

Thank you Falcon Trails for a special and memorable weekend in the woods. We can't wait until the next time to explore your beautiful corner of the world.    

Big thank you to the kind souls at Falcon Trails Resort for hosting us in exchange for this post. To learn more, visit their website or catch up with them on Instagram.