Back to the Basics With Naked Skincare

Naked Skincare from Winnipeg, Canada // via

I had a chance to catch up with Amber Magus, owner and operator of Naked Skincare, a small batch apothecary in Winnipeg, Canada. I love her minimalist approach to skin care — and I'm not the only one.

Naked Skincare of Winnipeg, Canada // via

How did Naked Skincare come about?

I’ve been working as an aesthetician since 2010, specializing in skin and body care. Around 2013,  I started blogging to give readers my point of view when it came to skin care. I would write posts on how to properly care for your skin and what products I was currently loving. Eventually, I started creating my own face care recipes and sharing them on my little space on the internet. From there it was a progression of realizing how much I truly love creating skin care products — and I started trying to recreate the products I loved using and giving them to friends and family until I finally took the leap and started this company in 2015.

Tell us a little bit about what you're trying to accomplish with Naked Skincare.

I wanted to create a line that truly showcased the power and beauty of nature without people having to break the bank to use it. I personally couldn't afford a lot of the natural brands out there and found it to be a little unfair. We all deserve to have high quality natural products. There are so many people who have sensitivities to artificial fragrance, artificial colours, fillers and preservatives — but to go and spend $60+ on a single product (that isn’t always that ‘natural’) isn't always realistic. That's why I wanted to create a line that was very transparent and honest — I never use any more than 10 ingredients and keep a very minimalist feel, but all my products are packed full of plant powered ingredients that are going to help your skin and at a reasonable cost. I want people to slow down and to create a beauty ritual for themselves — a few precious moments in the day that you are caring just for yourself.  

What's the one thing that you would say to someone thinking about making the switch to natural products?

You may need to ease your skin into an all natural routine. If it’s used to the fillers and artificial ingredients it may go into a detox of sorts. Stick with it!! You should see a change in your skin within two to three weeks.

A lot of the time when people are contemplating trying Naked Skincare products — specifically those who suffer from a more oily skin complexion — see that all my products are oil-based and are a little freaked out at first. The thought of putting oil on an already oily face makes people look at me like I’m completely insane! But the best thing you could do for oily skin is 1) cleanse with oil, because oil helps break down oil, and 2) hydrate with oil because it makes your skin realize that it has the oil it needs and will help balance out your own natural sebum production. I also do a tonne of research when deciding which oils to use (I never go above a 2 on the comedogenic chart where 0 won’t clog pores, and 5 is very likely to clog pores). I also make sure to choose oils with a high absorbency rating. So for those who want an all natural routine but have oily skin, an oil-based line is something you should 100% consider.

What gets you up in the morning?

Besides from my cats wanting to be fed? Hearing from my amazing customers who have told me how much of a difference my products have had on their skin — that keeps me going! Being able to create a skin care line that has given women confidence to rock a makeup-free look. I love everything about this company. I wake up excited to create new and existing products, I love meeting my customers when I hand deliver the orders, or chatting with the amazing local stores that carry my line. I just wish there was more time in a day to accomplish everything that I want to do.

Favourite product at the moment?

My favourite would have to be the cleansing oil as it’s what started this whole journey and I couldn’t think about ever washing my face with anything else. I am working on several new products that should be launching soon  a bath and body oil, lip balm and scrub, and new body polishes. I’ve started the process of creating what will hopefully be the best all-natural deodorant, and down the road I have plans on expanding to home care items. 

You can learn more about Naked Skincare by visiting their website or on Instagram.