Disconnect to Reconnect: Retreat Recap

SUP yoga, Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba // via www.thebotanical.ca

Last month, I had the opportunity to spend four days on an island with the best kind of people. 

Disconnect to Reconnect is the brainchild of Ash Bourgeois and Kalee Mund, two friends of mine and two very special women. 

Ash is a yoga instructor and creator of Wild Path, Kalee an Ayurvedic practitioner and the face behind Rasa Holistic. Combined, these two hold an astounding amount of wisdom ripe for the sharing. But perhaps most of all, the two are passionate about creating space and sharing the healing affects of Mother Nature. 

And heal we did.

As a group, we spent four days paddling, practicing yoga, enjoying balancing meals and learning from each other. We picked blueberries, watched as eagles soared overhead and gazed up at Northern lights.

For me, it was an extremely special time — in the height of an impossibly busy summer — that I won't soon forget. 

Thank you to Ashley, Kalee an the rest of the crew I got to know out on 'blueberry island'. 

Be sure to follow Ashley and Kalee to hear the latest about events, workshops — and future retreats.