herb + flower-infused honey

Pretty, isn't it? Whether you've got some leftover herbs to use up, or are looking for a last minute handmade gift, herb-infused honey might just be your new best friend. 

And, trust me, this is not difficult. 

You'll need:

- local honey
- herbs (or flowers) of your choice
- mason jar


Simply combine roughly two tablespoons of your choice of herbs, flowers, or spices (cinnamon would be awesome) with about one cup of honey. Stir well, then leave to infuse for a week or longer. When you're ready to use, strain the herbs by first heating the jar in a hot water bath to liquify the honey and ease the process. Enjoy in tea, coffee, or drizzled on yogurt.  

I used the beautiful Blossom Green Tea by Folkways Apothecaries for this infusion, a delightful combination of wild rose petals, hibiscus blossom, calendula blossom and sencha green tea.

I'm looking forward to trying other medicinal honey infusions — suggestions welcome!